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  1. DNA was purified, amplified, and the PCR products cloned.
  2. PCR products are purified to ensure complete digestion in the following step.
  3. DNA polymerase in PCR reactions also results in blunt-ended PCR products.
  4. However, as stated above, one can always sequence a PCR product.
  5. Most commonly this is used in cloning PCR products created by such an enzyme.
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  7. Several systems can be used to separate PCR products that are not labeled with dyes.
  8. Multiplex genomic PCR testing amplifies the nine exons of the HPRT1 gene as eight PCR products.
  9. :These pages discuss some of the pros and cons of direct sequencing of PCR products.
  10. The resulting PCR product will be a mixture of fragments contributed by several dominant community members.
  11. The most sensitive PCR-based technique is nested PCR, followed by hybridization of PCR products.
  12. PCR products are then treated with a restriction enzyme ( " e . g ."
  13. The PCR products are then digested using RFLP enzymes and the resulting patterns visualized using a DNA sequencer.
  14. TaqMan probes, Molecular Beacons and Scorpions allow the concurrent measurement of PCR products in a single tube.
  15. By running the PCR products on a gel, one can determine if both markers are in the cell line.
  16. When fractionated by agarose or acrylamide gel electrophoresis, the digested PCR products will give readily distinguishable patterns of bands.
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