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  1. The HgcC gene product was experimentally validated by Northern blot and RACE-PCR analysis.
  2. This allows for post RT-PCR analysis using gel electrophoresis.
  3. The test used by Montgomery, D1S80, is a cutting-edge form of PCR analysis, Raeder said.
  4. The RAB7A gene is located on PCR analysis.
  5. Clarke pointed out articles published in scientific journals that address the reliable use of PCR analysis in forensics.
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  7. High grade of p16 staining is thought to be better than HPV PCR analysis in predicting radiotherapy response.
  8. This was further demonstrated by PCR analysis, showing dynamic changes in HS biosynthesis enzymes after Sulf1 and 2 loss.
  9. A new type of DNA testing, called polymerase chain reaction or PCR analysis, has never been addressed in higher courts.
  10. In court papers filed in July, prosecutors said most of the blood samples would be subjected to some kind of PCR analysis.
  11. Cotton said PCR analysis showed the genetic makeup is shared by one in 2, 500 whites, one in 7, 300 Hispanics and one in 26, 000 blacks.
  12. In order to understand the movement of the MBCTV inside its hosts, experiments have been conducted using PCR analysis which allow for the detection and quantification of MBCTV particles inside leafhoppers.
  13. During the defense case, John Gerdes, a Denver microbiologist, had criticized Sims'earlier tests on console blood stains _ tests that used the DNA testing method known as Polymerase Chain Reaction or PCR analysis.
  14. But Gerdes deemed such discussions unnecessary, and he stood by his conclusions that a DNA testing method known as PCR analysis is very problematic when used in criminal work because of the likelihood of contamination.
  15. PCR analysis can be used to determine the presence of a " Phellodon " species up to four years after the appearance of fruitbodies, allowing a more accurate determination of their possible decline and threat of extinction.
  16. A RT-PCR analysis was used to confirm that Otx2 regulates the expression of pikachurin, it was known because there was an absence of expression of pikachurin in the Otx2 mice retina, so it indicates that Otx2 regulates pikachurin.
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