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  1. He said he doesn't think the PCOC has done anything wrong.
  2. Ozell Wilson, chairman of the PCOC board, questioned whether an investigation is needed.
  3. The PCOC continued to perform at the Academy up until financial problems forced the company to disband in 1930.
  4. According to Putnam, a third of the PCOC board must have representation from some of the municipalities it serves.
  5. Head Start, a federally funded program designed to help disadvantaged children become ready for school, falls under the PCOC umbrella.
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  7. The PCOC is a nonprofit organization that uses community resources to enhance the lives of the poor, many of whom are minorities.
  8. Putnam said Wednesday that his biggest concern involves civic activist Dave Hallock and whether he was denied membership of to the PCOC board.
  9. The congressman said the other municipal representatives and the county should be taking a " hard look " at what the PCOC is doing.
  10. He said people have been too reluctant in pursuing alleged PCOC abuses because they don't want to be perceived to be insensitive.
  11. One who successfully completes either the CPS Boating Course ( called Piloting until 1972 ) or the CPS PCOC Course becomes a member of the organization.
  12. He made his first foray into that heavier repertoire at the PCOC as Tristan in " Tristan und Isolde " on March 25, 1926.
  13. Wilson said there are many checks and balances that prevent PCOC from doing any financial wrongdoing, including using the same certified public accountants hired by Polk County commissioners.
  14. The 1999 inquiry found some deficiencies that PCOC quickly worked to remedy, according to a letter to Putnam by then Deputy Inspector General for Audit Services Thomas D . Roslewicz.
  15. "Preliminary indications are that PCOC has made much progress since February 2000 and ACF ( Administration for Children and Families ) does not anticipate any major problems, " Roslewicz wrote.
  16. Putnam said he regretted that the PCOC may be getting a problematic reputation . " It is unfortunate that it appears to be an agency mired in controversy, " he said.
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