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  1. What pawnshops really are, are poor people's banks.
  2. There still are plenty of people coming to pawnshops for loans.
  3. The pawnshop is still in business, operated by his son.
  4. I bought that in Amarillo _ at a pawnshop in Amarillo,
  5. Pawnshops doing big business as public seeks quick cash, JAKARTA POST
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  7. New York contains one pawnshop to every 12, 000 inhabitants.
  8. Pawnshops prospered in areas where the wages were low and unstable.
  9. Walters said pawnshop employees are also subject to legal scrutiny.
  10. ATMs, teleporters and pawnshops form the foundation of a virtual economy.
  11. Five national chains of pawnshops are now publicly traded companies.
  12. Add it up and the pawnshop has taken $ 200.
  13. Things have changed in the pawnshop business, pawnbrokers say.
  14. Perhaps the seediest thing about many pawnshops is their environs.
  15. The indictments also list purchases at various stores and pawnshops.
  16. So who's doing their holiday shopping at pawnshops this year?
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