pawning in a sentence

"pawning" in Chinese  
  1. That's why pawning his shotgun was such a sacrifice.
  2. You're pawning off the house red on us?
  3. I am used to pawning goods like gold, electronics and motorcycles.
  4. After this, he even goes as far as pawning his possessions.
  5. Clients need to give their mortgaged properties upward to the pawning counter.
  6. It's difficult to find pawning in a sentence.
  7. People of lesser means are pawning plates and glasses.
  8. Rising energy bills have some Californians pawning their valuables to pay for power.
  9. She had given a false name while pawning it.
  10. Customers are mostly shown selling or pawning " amazing historically significant items ".
  11. Ruffin recalled once being low on cash and pawning his coat to Seldom Seen.
  13. He wanders from city to city pawning his stories and returns occasionally to Babruysk.
  14. A depressed boy goes missing, and immediately people begin pawning off murders onto him.
  15. This led to a number of feuds, instability and the pawning of several fiefs.
  16. Harris is said to have raised funds to invest in Motel 6 by pawning his watch.
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