pawning off in a sentence

"pawning off" in Chinese  
  1. You're pawning off the house red on us?
  3. A depressed boy goes missing, and immediately people begin pawning off murders onto him.
  4. It appears to me that institutions are pawning off unwanted merchandise to individuals willing to take it.
  5. They tried pawning off Anfernee Hardaway and Shaquille O'Neal in 1995 as Michael Jordan's successors.
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  7. Both men were constantly pawning off the rented equipment for drug money and were eventually let go yet again.
  8. Was this another ingenious move by Atlanta, pawning off deteriorating goods on a team that thinks it is getting a deal?
  9. Siebel has fired back, claiming that Oracle is spreading malicious lies and is pawning off inferior technology on an unsuspecting customer base.
  10. Thai men hooked on opium are increasingly switching to heroin and pawning off their daughters to support their expensive habit, Gray added.
  11. It's relatively intelligent and interesting entertainment, which indeed sets it apart from the bunk most moviemakers are pawning off these days.
  12. While St . Jean would not comment on specific players, pawning off Childs to a team with a better point guard may be impossible.
  13. If not, then he will scrap the season, pawning off high-priced and veteran players in exchange for prospects and draft picks to start a total rebuilding process.
  14. Juveniles busted for pawning off counterfeit currency as the real thing face stiff fines and possible jail sentences, depending upon the amount of fake money being distributed, officials said.
  15. If she wanted to jump-start her writing career why didn't she write her own coming-out-of-exile story rather than pawning off an exclusive to another journalist?
  16. ATLANTIC CITY, N . J . ( AP )-- Trump World's Fair Casino prepared for demolition yesterday with something that resembled a garage sale, pawning off TVs, lamps and alarm clocks.
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