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  1. The boys would be reminded what it means to be Pawnee.
  2. And the Pawnees were ahead of their time with underground homes.
  3. Or west of Haddam at the Pawnee Indian village near Republic.
  4. Like Custer descending upon a camp of Pawnees in their sleep.
  5. Band is one of four that make up the Pawnee Nation.
  6. It's difficult to find pawnees in a sentence.
  7. -- The Pawnees come off the trees first every year.
  8. During this time, outlaws often smuggled whiskey to the Pawnee.
  9. The railroads enabled Pawnee to develop as an agricultural trade center.
  10. The federal government built a reservoir named Pawnee Lake in 1932.
  11. To the east there was warfare with the Osage and Pawnee.
  12. But the Pawnee soon rally and the brave Arapaho is slain.
  13. At least one of these at Fort Mann involved the Pawnee.
  14. The modern languages in the Caddoan family include Caddo and Pawnee.
  15. The Pawnees did not live in their villages year-round.
  16. During the Pawnee Today show, Leslie and Marcia argue fiercely.
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