pawnee warrior in a sentence

  1. The Pawnee warriors accompanying the soldiers fought with exceptional ability against the Cheyenne.
  2. The company's first product was the Pawnee Warrior, first flown by 1998.
  3. Pawnee warriors aid him as well, killing the rest of the pirates in retribution for their braves'deaths.
  4. Many Pawnee warriors enlisted to serve as Indian scouts in the US army to track and fight their tribal enemies resisting European-American expansion on the Great Plains.
  5. Like other groups of Native American scouts, Pawnee warriors were recruited in large numbers to fight on the Northern and Southern Plains in various conflicts against hostile Native Americans.
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  7. F . M . Drake had a reputation as an Indian fighter; in 1854 he led a wagon train from Iowa to Sacramento California and, while crossing the Nebraska prairie, his train was attacked by an estimated 700 Pawnee warriors.
  8. He has since written over twenty children's books, including " Pawnee Warrior " ( a sequel to " Fly, Cherokee, Fly " ), a collaborative novel with fellow children's author Linda Newbery ( " From E To You " ), and the best-selling, award-winning The Last Dragon Chronicles.

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