pawnee tribe in a sentence

  1. Gover is a member of the Pawnee tribe of Oklahoma.
  2. Gillis was elected as a Democrat to the Pawnee Tribe of Indians.
  3. By 2000, the Pawnee tribe was using the building for office space.
  4. His uncle, William Howell, is the head chief of the Pawnee tribe.
  5. The Pawnee Business Council is the supreme governing body of the Pawnee Tribe of Oklahoma.
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  7. Four representatives of the Pawnee tribe traveled from Oklahoma to Nebraska for the dedication ceremony.
  8. What made his gesture remarkable is that Gover is himself a member of the Pawnee tribe.
  9. One such trapper is Pasquinel ( Robert Conrad ), a French Canadian / Pawnee tribe.
  10. The Pawnee tribe originally came from an area in Nebraska around the Battle of Powder River.
  11. It was renovated again in 1976, before becoming an office building for the Pawnee tribe.
  12. What made his apology all the more remarkable is that Gover himself is a member of the Pawnee Tribe.
  13. After their forced removal from the Southeastern United States, the Pawnee Tribe from Nebraska to a reservation here.
  14. Museum officials have returned four sets of skeletal remains over the past 10 years to the Ute and Pawnee tribes.
  15. The "'Pawnee Agency and Boarding School District "'lies east of the city of Pawnee tribe.
  16. The Samaritans vacated the building in 1972, when the city announced it would return the school property to the Pawnee tribe.
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