pawnee scouts in a sentence

  1. Bob White, a Pawnee Scout, came upon North, and joined him.
  2. In 1870 the Pawnee scouts were still working to protect the railroad but eventually they were disbanded.
  3. Warriors enlisted as Pawnee Scouts in the latter half of the 19th century in the United States Army.
  4. Connor established Fort Connor, later Pawnee scouts also ambushed and killed a band of 24 Cheyenne warriors.
  5. For two days, Captain Frank North and his Pawnee Scouts had trailed a band of Cheyenne, who were heading north.
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  7. These two events helped create an idea about North among the Pawnee Scouts as having supernatural powers and being invulnerable to harm.
  8. He was shot and killed in the Battle of Summit Springs in Colorado by Major Frank North, leader of the Pawnee Scouts.
  9. "' Pawnee Scouts "'were part of the United States Army in the latter half of the 19th century.
  10. Spotting the scouts, the Cheyenne thought the approaching Indians were not the Pawnee Scouts, but friendly Cheyenne, and made no hostile moves.
  11. Now that the war was over, the Pawnee scouts were disbanded for good on May 1, 1877 and returned to the Indian Territory.
  12. Several more Pawnee Scouts arrived, and the small party then shot at, and Wounded a few of the warriors, who then quickly fled.
  13. Once located Connor sent in 200 soldiers with two howitzers and 40 Omaha and Winnebago and 30 Pawnee scouts, and marched that night toward the village.
  14. Connor marched north from Fort Connor, and on August 28, his Pawnee scouts found an Arapaho village of about 600 people on the Crow on the Bighorn River.
  15. Pawnee Scout leader Luther H . North commented, " Neither the Wild Tribes, nor the Government Indian Scouts ever adopted any of the white soldier's tactics.
  16. The Pawnee scouts were victorious again, they killed " " many " ", retrieved the stolen property, and captured Turkey Leg's wife and child.
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