pawn in a sentence

"pawn" meaning  "pawn" in Chinese  
  1. But he used me as a pawn to prove his point.
  2. But last month they became pawn sacrifices without anything in return.
  3. The whole experience is like dining out in a pawn shop.
  4. As you push your pawns ahead you create space behind them.
  5. Kh7 14 Qh5 Kg8 15 Qe5 wins a pawn for White.
  6. It's difficult to find pawn in a sentence.
  7. Morgan Jones, president of American Pawn in Dallas, agreed.
  8. Not every company is comfortable as a pawn in this struggle.
  9. You cannot improve the schools by using children as political pawns.
  10. They just give money and pawn them off on someone else.
  11. Fairburn Pawn, Inc ., 33 W . Broad St.
  12. to wreak vengeance, uses a troubled widow as his pawn.
  13. I look for the adults who are using children as pawns.
  14. He's just an unfortunate pawn in her satanic job.
  15. For poor communities we have pawn shops instead of bank branches.
  16. Jontae mimicked his partner's actions with a white pawn.
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