pawn ticket in a sentence

"pawn ticket" meaning  "pawn ticket" in Chinese  
  1. He goes out to recover the pawn ticket, now in Charlie's hands.
  2. Without an admission card, she uses the pawn ticket for her suitcase.
  3. No one investigated this alibi or checked the dates on the pawn tickets.
  4. Pawn Ticket Trio and Oh-La-La Burlesque often book out-of-town engagements at various Colorado resort hotels.
  5. Pawn Ticket Trio has the distinction of being the only regular live-burlesque band in Colorado.
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  7. He had two pawn tickets on his person, some silver coins and a pound note.
  8. A pawn ticket is like a bearer bond.
  9. When Carr threatens Chili, Chili sends him to the hands of the police with a pawn ticket.
  10. The police soon realised that the pawn ticket was a false lead but still applied for Slater's extradition.
  11. Williams claimed that he had pawned articles of clothing afterwards and that the pawn tickets were proof of this.
  12. The pawnbroker gives her a pawn ticket, which she declines to mark with any kind of name or description.
  13. If the customer accepts, he or she leaves the merchandise in exchange for the cash and a pawn ticket.
  14. He is finally caught in the next chapter, after Beverly observes him leaving a pawn ticket in June's dressing room trunk.
  15. Before dying, he gives Fedya a pawn ticket and asks him to redeem it and return the article to its owner.
  16. The pawn ticket was actually the cause of the argument between Carly and Miles, as the candelabra was stuffed with stolen jewels.
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