pawn hearts in a sentence

  1. Fripp would collaborate again with Van der Graaf Generator on their next album, " Pawn Hearts ".
  2. The quartet subsequently achieved significant success in Italy with the release of " Pawn Hearts " in 1971.
  3. Hammill said " we did not want to make'Son of " Pawn Hearts "'with a big long side two and lots of studio experiments ".
  4. ""'Pawn Hearts " "'is the fourth album by English progressive rock band Van der Graaf Generator, released in October 1971 on Charisma Records.
  5. It was originally written for Van der Graaf Generator's album following " Pawn Hearts ", an album that because of the band's split never came to be.
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  7. The studio version of " Sleepwalkers " is on " Godbluff ", and the studio version of " A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers " is on " Pawn Hearts ".
  8. During this period he also worked with Van der Graaf Generator, playing on the 1970 album " H to He, Who Am the Only One ", and in 1971, on " Pawn Hearts ".
  9. The album was recorded during the band's European tour in June 2013 and includes a full onstage performance of the suite " A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers ", originally recorded for " Pawn Hearts " in 1971.
  10. The complex and atmospheric " ( In the ) Black Room / The Tower " was originally planned for inclusion on Van der Graaf Generator's album following " Pawn Hearts ", an album that because of the band's split never came to be.
  11. The album also contains " A Headlong Stretch ", one of Hammill's occasional long, episodic song suites ( see also " A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers " from " Pawn Hearts " and " Flight " from " A Black Box " ).
  12. The title of the Van der Graaf Generator's album " Pawn Hearts " resulted from a spoonerism by David Jackson, who said one time : " I'll go down to the studio and dub on some more porn hearts ", meaning to say'horn parts '.
  13. In 1971 Charisma entered into a distribution agreement with Buddah Records and began to release albums on the Charisma label in the USA . These albums included " Pawn Hearts " by Van der Graaf Generator and " Nursery Cryme ", " Foxtrot " and " Genesis Live " by Genesis.
  14. The band were apprehensive about touring there, concerned they might be playing to half empty venues, but they were all shocked by the sheer volume of the crowds that came to see them . " " Pawn Hearts " was seen as the ultimate album by the ultimate band, " said Jackson, who at times found it difficult to walk down the street in parts of Italy without being recognised . " The tour was like the prophets have landed . . . you couldn't go anywhere without this lunatic'Generator Mania'breaking out . " After the tour, the group was immediately offered another Italian tour, this time doing up to three shows a day.

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