pawn brokers in a sentence

  1. There are more pawn brokers than ever before,
  2. Pawn brokers offering interest rates of 1.5 percent per day have sprung up all over the capital of Bucharest.
  3. Strippers, pawn brokers and psychics fall into this group, as do bill collectors, tabloid reporters, used car salespeople and telemarketers.
  4. It was John Grubb Richardson's belief that without a public house there would be no need for a pawn brokers or police station.
  5. As consolation for losing that battle, he extracted a change in the Brady law to ease requirements on pawn brokers when someone redeems his or her own gun.
  6. It's difficult to find pawn brokers in a sentence.
  7. The lawsuit says the problems began Jan . 11, 1994, when Gonzalez was employed as a vice president and general manager at Central Pawn Brokers in Phoenix.
  8. The doctor, who said he was a family friend, said Becic had received threats from creditors and pawn brokers after his eldest son accumulated debts while gambling in casinos.
  9. The money was really pawned jewels from Elizabeth, which she had given Cat permission to take to the pawn brokers, but the people who arrest her do not believe this.
  10. Pawn brokers offering interest rates of 1.5 percent per day have sprung up all over the capital, Bucharest, and Romanians are turning their lei into dollars or other hard currencies as fast as they can.
  11. That evening Willingdon bumps into'Mrs'" Goldie " Phillips ( Olive Sloane ); she invites him to buy her a drink, the two of them having met, by chance, earlier at a pawn brokers.
  12. Gradually many shops closed, and those that opened in their place were often " low-class " establishments such as pawn brokers, charity stores etc . that were unappealing to most shoppers, driving them increasingly to shop at Toombul.
  13. In many cases, the crack business has helped spawn a large new illegal firearms market, Decker said, as drug sellers have become, in effect, pawn brokers, the person through whom guns as well as drugs can be bought and sold.
  14. In King's office, there are sepia-tone photos of the downtown area in those days _ with theaters, hotels, clothing stores, and ice cream shops instead of pawn brokers, check cashers, bail bondsmen, and the plasma center.
  15. "Big business is bringing big ideas, " said Robert Wohlgemuth, who has seen decades of decline on Eighth Avenue as the proprietor of Century Pawn Brokers, near 46th Street, which his family has owned since 1939 . " I say let them build !"

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