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  1. His death certificate lists his final occupation as a pawn broker's assistant.
  2. Bargavan Pillai goes to a pawn broker and takes money instead of his beloved scooter.
  3. There are more pawn brokers than ever before,
  4. Solomon returned to London in about 1818 and set up as a fence and pawn broker.
  5. The unbilled cast list has been stated to include Lon Chaney in the role of the pawn broker.
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  7. If it were invested in a pawn broking business, in three years the interest would equal the capital.
  8. It is stated that the pawn broker may not keep the collateral but must sell them at public auction.
  9. Strippers, pawn brokers and psychics fall into this group, as do bill collectors, tabloid reporters, used car salespeople and telemarketers.
  10. Pawn brokers offering interest rates of 1 . 5 percent per day have sprung up all over the capital of Bucharest.
  11. We have everyone from a three handicap to a 40, " said Triestch, a pawn broker and owner of Traders Inc . in Reseda.
  12. If the item does not fetch a price that will cover these expenses the pawn broker may keep the item and sell it through other channels.
  13. The Supreme Court ruled in a case involving a North Carolina pawn broker convicted of carrying a gun during a marijuana sale to an undercover federal agent.
  14. The consistent use of this symbol for advertising was analogous to an apothecary's show globe, a tobacconist's cigar store Indian and a pawn broker's three gold balls.
  15. Now with five $ 10 bills from pawning the saw, should he pay $ 8 to the pawn broker to hang on to the shotgun another month?
  16. The lawsuit says the problems began Jan . 11, 1994, when Gonzalez was employed as a vice president and general manager at Central Pawn Brokers in Phoenix.
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