pawn and move in a sentence

  1. Soon after, Morphy offered pawn and move odds to anyone who played him.
  2. Then they played two games at the classical " pawn and move " handicap ( f7 removed ).
  3. For this reason, he thought while visiting London in 1788 he could play with Philidor at the Pawn and move.
  4. In March 2007, Rybka played an eight-game match against GM Roman Dzindzichashvili with pawn and move odds, from March 3 to 8.
  5. Lewis visited Paris along with Scottish player John Cochrane in 1821, where they played with Alexandre Deschapelles, receiving the advantage of pawn and move.
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  7. On March 2008, Rybka gave pawn and move ( removing a different pawn each time ) to Grandmaster Roman Dzindzichashvili, drawing the match 4 4.
  8. Just before Cochrane's return to India, Staunton began to give him the odds of Pawn and move, and in these games their scores were equal.
  9. In a match held on March 3 7, 2008, Dzindzichashvili played a series of eight games against the computer program Rybka, with Rybka giving pawn and move.
  10. The preface states that to February 1820 ( date of publication of the book ), The Turk had played about 300 games giving the advantage of pawn and move to his opponents and he only has ever lost six.
  11. From the 1840s to the 1860s, Dubois took part in many matches against the top players of Europe, and it was rare for him to lose, even when he gave odds of pawn and move to his opponents.
  12. Kaufman has written that Kasparov could give pawn and move odds to a low grandmaster ( 2500 FIDE rating ) and be slightly favored, and would have even chances at knight odds against a player with a FIDE rating of 2115.
  13. The late-19th century chess opening treatise " Chess Openings Ancient and Modern ", by Edward Freeborough and Charles Ranken, included fourteen pages of analysis of best play in games played at odds of pawn and move, pawn and two moves, and either knight.
  14. In 1846 he played a number of games in Rome against the strong English Master Marmaduke Wyvill, and it has been reported that Dubois won 55-26 when no odds were given by either side, but lost 39-30 when he gave odds of pawn and move to his opponent.
  15. The odds system even became the earliest rating system : amateurs were graded according to what handicap they needed to compete against a master, and were referred to as a " Rook player " or " Pawn and move player ", for example, as we would today speak of players by their Elo ratings ( e . g . a " 1200 player " or an " 1800 player " ).
  16. He played chess at the famous " Caf?de la R間ence " in Paris, where-among others-lost casual and formal matches to Lionel Kieseritzky ( 1 : 2 ) in 1850, Serafino Dubois ( 6.5 : 13.5 ) in 1855, Paul Morphy ( 1.5 : 5.5, Morphy gave odds of pawn and move ) in 1858 and ( 0 : 7 ) in 1859, and beat Daniel Harrwitz ( 3 : 1, Harrwitz gave odds of pawn and move ) in 1859.
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