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  1. After a series of trades, he emerged a pawn ahead in the endgame.
  2. As you push your pawns ahead you create space behind them.
  3. Although a pawn ahead, Kasparov was left with no way to break into black's fortress.
  4. In the adjourned position, Kamsky is one pawn ahead and likely to win a second.
  5. A dozen moves into the game, he moved a pawn ahead one square instead of two.
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  7. When play resumed Monday on the 57th move, he was a pawn ahead and then captured another as expected on move 63.
  8. Perhaps Kamsky was tired and demoralized when on Monday he did not succeed in winning a 90-move game in which he was two pawns ahead.
  9. Suddenly seeing that 32 Rc2 Rb3 33 Ka2 Re3 34 Kb2 Re1 would have put Kasparov two pawns ahead with an easily won ending, Anand gave up.
  10. Re7 ( 26 . . . Ne7 ? 27 Qd4 Kg8 28 Qh4 ! wins outright ) 27 Rd6 would have left White a pawn ahead in a superior position.
  11. When play resumed Monday on the 57th move, he was a pawn ahead and then captured another as expected on move 63, leaving Karpov with only a king and bishop.
  12. The Rubinstein Trap, an opening trap in the Queen's Gambit Declined that loses at least a queen, while 13 . . . Nxf4 14 . Nxf4 leaves White a pawn ahead.
  13. A pawn ahead Sunday at the adjournment of Game 13 of his world championship match with Anatoly Karpov, Gata Kamsky is expected to go for a victory Monday when play is resumed.
  14. Trying to force the computer away from its prepared openings, he opened idiosyncratically for the second straight game, in his first two moves pushing queenside pawns ahead one square . ( " Don't ask me what to call that opening, " said one grandmaster, Gabriel Schwartzman.
  15. After 4 . Bg5, a common trap is 4 . . . d5 ? 5 . Bxf6 exf6 6 . Qh5 + g6 7 . Qxd5 Qxd5 8 . Nxd5 when White has regained his pawn, and since his knight is attacking the pawns on both c7 and f6, will come out a pawn ahead.

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