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  1. In 1997 Michael Pawlyn became part of the Grimshaw Architects'team to work on the Eden Project.
  2. "' Exploration Architecture "'was established in 2007 by architect Michael Pawlyn ( b . 1967 ).
  3. ?Michael Pawlyn ( 2016 ) Biomimicry in Architecture ( second edition ) with a foreword by Dame Ellen MacArthur, London, RIBA Publications
  4. ?Michael Pawlyn ( 2011 ) " Biomimicry in Architecture " ( first edition ) with a foreword by Jonathon Porritt, London, RIBA Publications
  5. After graduating in Architecture from The Bartlett, University College London, Pawlyn worked in London and Japan before returning to complete his studies at the University of Bath.
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  7. "' Michael Pawlyn "'( born 30 September 1967 ), is a British architect noted for his work in the field biomimetic architecture and innovation.
  8. ?Michael Pawlyn ( 2016 ) Ecosystems as a unifying model for cities and industry, The Ellen MacArthur Foundation ( ed . ) " A New Dynamic 2 : Effective systems in a circular economy ", Cowes, Ellen MacArthur Foundation Publishing, pp 63 85
  9. At TED Salon London, November 2011, Michael Pawlyn became one of the small number of architects to have a talk posted to TED . His presentation, in which he describes how biomimicry could help transform architecture and society, has been viewed over 1.5 million times.

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