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  1. Hal Pawluk, who worked for their advertising agency, suggested " dBASE ", including the CamelCase.
  2. Leona, played by Mira Pawluk, is the youngest of the three, and the brunette in the group.
  3. In reality, George Tate did not have a pet parrot named Ashton, until after Hal Pawluk named the company.
  4. Counseling is available for anyone who needs it, but Battalion Chief Richard Pawluk said none of the team had asked for it.
  5. Formerly he had been playing in ska band Dr . Cycos together with other The Analogs members : Ziemowit Pawluk and PaweB CzekaBa.
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  7. The original manual was too complex from Pawluk's perspective, so he wrote a second manual, which was duly included in the package along with the first.
  8. In 1637 he married Zofia Kobierzycka, and later that year he fought in the Pawluk Uprising against the rebellious Cossacks under Pavel Mikhnovych, participating in the battle of Kumejki.
  9. Of the 17 people taken to Valley hospitals after the I-10 accident, three had serious but not life-threatening injuries, said Richard Pawluk, spokesman for the Phoenix Fire Department.
  10. LOUISVILLE PANTHERS _ Sent RW Tim Findlay, LW Ryan Pawluk and RW Ian Jacobs on loan to Port Huron of the UHL and LW Olaf Kjenstad and LW Tyler Prosofsky on loan to Asheville of the UHL.
  11. "' Kazimierz Pawluk "'( 1 July 1906  31 March 1944 ) known as  Kaz was a Polish Vickers Wellington bomber  Observer and Captain flying from England when he was taken prisoner during the Second World War.
  12. Ziemowit Pawluk was not able to share his time between The Analogs and his professional career any more, BBa | ej Halski had to return to his family town, Kielce, and Dariusz Tkaczyk couldn't deal with the absence of the latter.
  13. Pawluk created the name for the new publishing company by combining George's last name with the fictional Ashton surname, purportedly because it was felt that " Ashton-Tate " sounded better, or was easier to pronounce, than " Lashlee-Tate ".
  14. In 1637 Wi [ niowiecki might have fought under Hetman MikoBaj Potocki against the Cossack rebellion of Pavel Pavluk ( the Pawluk Uprising ); Jan Widacki notes that historians are not certain whether he did and in either case, no detailed accounts of his possible participation survive.
  15. Glorify his name ONMU famous alumni : former chief port " Yuzhny " full chevalier " Merit " V . G . Ivanov, Academician of the National Academy of Ukraine V . I . Mahnenko, deputies of Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine S . K . Strebko and M . P . Pawluk, known satirist, People's Artist of Ukraine M . Zhvanetskiy artist and satirist V . Ilchenko, honored artist of Ukraine, soloist of the Kyiv opera H . Krasulya, poet Zabashta Love and many others.
  16. However, Cozman talked with Jim Cornette about entering the WWF, Cozman and Bruce Hart continued working on a character outline and later brought in Cozman with the character when he reopened Stampede Wrestling in 1999 . Making his debut as "'" Principal " Richard Pound "', Cozman soon began one of the most dominant " heels " in the promotion defeating Tiger Khan and Greg Pawluk in a three-way match for the Stampede British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Champion in Calgary, Alberta on November 5, 1999 . Cozman would become the first champion since the promotion closed in December 1989.
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