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  1. Spokesmen for doctors groups emphasize the patients'right to choose.
  2. In the study, patients were randomly assigned to four groups.
  3. I have lost a number of dear patients to drunken driving.
  4. And patients are starting to receive modest rewards for behaving appropriately.
  5. Doctors rarely tell terminally ill patients the truth about their condition.
  6. It's difficult to find patient in a sentence.
  7. For these patients, it will work better than balloon angioplasty.
  8. Of those patients, only 6 percent have Type O virus.
  9. His patient, Jacqueline Nyirakomeye, had only a local anesthetic.
  10. In the end, be patient with your child and yourself.
  11. We will have a tremendous facility for our students and patients.
  12. The Norton Utilities Disk Doctor program effectively pronounced the patient terminal.
  13. About 160 patients stay in dormitory rooms decorated with religious paintings.
  14. Sometimes patients recover enough to go home; often they return.
  15. I think our fans would have been reasonably patient with us.
  16. The patients would be monitored and drug combinations adjusted when necessary.
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