patience in a sentence

"patience" meaning  "patience" in Chinese  
  1. Those measures require patience and generous amounts of caffeine to comprehend.
  2. "I've learned lots of patience,"
  3. Each kite was a project of color, patience and anticipation.
  4. The boyfriend supplies patience every time she walks by a mirror.
  5. But patience also is a virtue that even gardeners sometimes lose.
  6. It's difficult to find patience in a sentence.
  7. I would not have had the kind of patience you need.
  8. I credit this award to a lot of patience and perseverance.
  9. But give the Chargers credit for their patience in what followed.
  10. "We appreciate our fans'continued patience,"
  11. Against the 49ers, Davis cautioned, defensive patience is paramount.
  12. Some of those in line voiced remarkable patience at the shortages.
  13. As rationing threatens to become routine, patience is wearing thin.
  14. "Patience is the secret, " he said.
  15. The first casualty of a shaky self-confidence is patience.
  16. In OT, the Suns lost their patience and the game.
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