path 15 in a sentence

  1. Near Bakersfield is a stretch of transmission lines known as Path 15.
  2. Path 15 includes two parallel main lines rated at 500-kilovolts each.
  3. Another important transmission corridor WAPA built was Path 66, paralleling Path 15.
  4. "We're going to unplug the Path 15 bottleneck,"
  5. The wholesale power market also has been reflecting the impact of congestion along Path 15.
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  7. The so-called Path 15 bottleneck has kept power from moving north-south during high demand periods.
  8. Two pairs of PG & E 500 kV lines heading north and southwest ( separated ), form Path 15.
  9. This led to the California electricity crisis that began in 2000 on Path 15, a transmission corridor PG & E built.
  10. WAPA built several parts of the important Path 15 corridor that connects power grids in the transmission bottleneck near Los Banos, California.
  11. Path 15 consists of three lines at 500 kV and four lines at 230 kV . The 500 kV lines connect Gregg, and McCall.
  12. For most of this section, the Path 15 electrical transmission corridor follows the highway, forming an infrastructure corridor along with the California Aqueduct.
  13. The station power requirements are so great that several power lines from the Path 15 and Path 26 are needed to provide power to the facility.
  14. So that leaves Northern Californians with the prospect of ongoing power disruptions even when surplus energy is available on the southern side of the Path 15 bottleneck.
  15. All agree that the congestion problems along Path 15 are a problem that somebody needs to solve _ and soon _ for the deregulated system to work.
  16. The water flows down a long segment, built at a slight grade, and arrives at a pumping station powered by Path 66 or Path 15.
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