pateti in a sentence

  1. It follows immediately after Pateti, the day of introspection and the Zoroastrian equivalent of All-Souls Day.
  2. That day, the last day of the religious year, is now known as Pateti, from " patet ", " confession ", a day of self-reflection prior to the celebration of intercalary days ( " Gatha " days ) following the twelfth month, and so, because the " all souls " festival was conventionally observed on the last day of the year, the festival was then also observed during the newly introduced last day " s " of the year, i . e . the five intercalary days.
  3. In the " Shahenshahi " and " Kadmi " calendars, which do not account for leap years, the New Year's Day has drifted ahead by over 200 days . These latter two variants of the calendar, which are only followed by the Zoroastrians of Pakistan and India, celebrate the spring equinox as " Jamshed-i Nouroz ", with New Year's Day then being celebrated in July August as Pateti " ( day ) of penitence " ( from " patet " " confession, " hence also repentance and penitence ).
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