patesville in a sentence

"patesville" in Chinese  
  1. Tryon arrives in Patesville and visits Dr . Green s office.
  2. Tryon is called back to Patesville on business and wants to see Rena again.
  3. Only after he leaves does Warwick find a note from Rena explaining that she has gone to Patesville as well.
  4. She then receives a letter from her mother revealing that she is indeed very ill, so Rena immediately boards a train to Patesville.
  5. The novel opens  a few years after the Civil War with John Warwick, from Clarence, South Carolina, leaving a hotel in Patesville, North Carolina.
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  7. In Rena s absence, George returns to Clarence with Warwick and receives a letter from his mother asking him to take care of some business in Patesville and to visit her cousin Dr . Green.

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