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  1. Pateshull was elected bishop in 1239, and consecrated on 1 July 1240.
  2. It is said to have been started in 1240 by Bishop Hugh de Pateshull.
  3. Bracton is thought to have had a notebook with 2000 cases from Pateshull and Raleigh.
  4. Raleigh was Pateshull's clerk.
  5. A notebook containing 2000 cases from Pateshull and Raleigh has been deemed to be Bracton's.
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  7. In his catalogue John Bale names Peter Pateshull as its author and R . Kylington as the translator.
  8. Pateshull was the son of Simon of Pattishall ( a royal justice ) and Simon's wife Amice.
  9. He also likely had access to the cases of Martin Pateshull and William Raleigh, his mentors in the law.
  10. Pateshull was an Augustinian divine at Oxford c . 1387, whom Wycliffe had persuaded to preach against the Augustinian friars.
  11. Bletsoe Castle was created by John Pateshull, who received a licence to crenellate an existing manor house on the east side of Blestoe in 1327.
  12. A brass plaque in the chapel on the south side of the church commemorates its dedication on 24 April 1241 by Hugh de Pateshull, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield.
  13. A royal clerk and a clerk of the exchequer, Hugh had custody of the Exchequer seal Pateshull's position was a precursor office to the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
  14. Pateshull had owned the manor of Blestoe since 1313, but with the death of his mother, in 1324, he inherited additional lands, allowing him to acquire permission to crenellate the property.
  15. On the accession of Henry III he was restored on returning to his allegiance, and in 9 Henry III ( 1224 5 ) was appointed a justice itinerant for Gloucestershire along with Matthew de Pateshull, archdeacon of Norfolk, Richard de Veym, and the abbot of Tewkesbury.

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