parthenon league in a sentence

  1. In 1954 55 the club entered the Parthenon League achieving a mid-table finish.
  2. The team competed in various district leagues before moving to the Parthenon League where they stayed until 1965.
  3. After the Great Western Comibuination league the club played in the Parthenon League in 1964, and winning the league in their debut season.
  4. After the war Baldock rejoined the Herts County League, finishing bottom of Division One in 1946 47 . switching to the Parthenon League.
  5. The club for the 1962 63 season then joined the Parthenon League, now under the name of "'Westfield "'and became runners-up at the first attempt.
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  7. Three successful seasons in the Parthenon League followed, but travelling expenses were high, so in 1955-56 the club returned to the Herts County League and would remain there for the next 45 years.
  8. Having played in the Parthenon League in 1964-65 season, Town returned to the Surrey Senior League in 1965, and then moved back into the Spartan League, claiming the title in 1971-72.
  9. Subsequently, the club finished as runners-up in the Parthenon League, and won the promoted from the South Midlands League's second tier in 1982 & ndash; 83 and won the league title a year later.

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