parthenon huxley in a sentence

  1. Bates remained with the band until January 1999 and was replaced by Parthenon Huxley ( guitar, vocals ).
  2. The second, designed by band guitarist Parthenon Huxley showed a reel-to-reel deck carved in stone.
  3. In November 2011 guitarist Phil Bates left The Orchestra again, and Parthenon Huxley reclaimed his position as guitarist / singer.
  4. The single'Ma-Ma-Ma Belle', a reworking of the Electric Light Orchestra song recorded with Orchestra / ELO . Part II alum Parthenon Huxley.
  5. In 2010, Vincent teamed with his longtime songwriting partner, Parthenon Huxley, and released a single, " Dirty Girl ", as the duo Huxley & Vincent.
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  7. Universal has signed acts including Rusty Anderson, a singer and guitarist who has played in Paul McCartney's band; John Jorgenson, a guitarist for Elton John; and Parthenon Huxley, who performs with former members of the art-pop act Electric Light Orchestra.
  8. During The Orchestra's 2006 UK tour, Phil Bates, formerly a member of Trickster, ELO Part II and Bev Bevan's Move, stood in for Parthenon Huxley at a couple of gigs when Huxley had to return unexpectedly to the States to attend the funeral of his father.
  9. "' Parthenon Huxley "'( born January 19, 1956 ) is an American musician, singer, songwriter and producer who is known for his solo albums and for his involvement in ELO Part II and The Orchestra, both of which are latter-day offshoots of the 1970s-80s symphonic rock band Electric Light Orchestra.
  10. Adult Top 20 single, " Wake Me Up ( When The World's Worth Waking Up For ) ", co-written by vocalist / guitarist Parthenon Huxley . ('Wake Me Up'was featured in the Garry Marshall directed motion picture, " The Other Sister ", starring Juliette Lewis, Diane Keaton, and Tom Skerritt . ) Robert Lamm from the band Chicago, and Gerry Beckley sang background vocals on 2 songs.

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