parthenon frieze in a sentence

  1. The interior includes coloured marble and a replica of the Parthenon Frieze.
  2. Why would the Parthenon frieze record a contemporary event?
  3. He is active, yet aloof, like the gods on the Parthenon Frieze.
  4. The Parthenon frieze is the defining monument of the High Classical style of Attic sculpture.
  5. Possibly an inspiration for the Parthenon Frieze
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  7. In 1998, Jenkins worked on finding ways to make the Parthenon Frieze accessible to visually impaired people.
  8. One miniature version of the Parthenon frieze was just two inches high, but over twenty four feet long.
  9. The frieze is 113 meters long, which makes it the longest surviving frieze of Greek Antiquity after the Parthenon frieze.
  10. A few of the significant collections include Parthenon frieze casts, Merovingian bronzes, Mesopotamian cuneiform tablets, and Amazonian bark cloth.
  11. One copy of the miniature Parthenon frieze was sold to William IV for ?2 in 1821 but its location is not known.
  12. She is most famous for her photographs of the Parthenon frieze and of the sculptures of the Temple of Zeus at Olympia.
  13. In 1816 he had added to the Elgin Marbles in the British Museum a piece of Parthenon frieze he had purchased in Greece.
  14. The following year, John Jr . confirmed that he would recreate a copy of the Parthenon frieze for London's Athenaeum Club.
  15. Other pieces of the Parthenon frieze, carved by Phidias in the 5th century B . C ., are disseminated throughout various European museums.
  16. In 1827, Henning and his son created sculptures in the style of the Parthenon frieze for a screen erected at Hyde Park Gate in London.
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