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  1. Lack of solubility in water and bioavailability limits the potential of parthenolide as a drug.
  2. In the first pathway, ( + )-costunolide undergoes enzymatic epoxidation forming parthenolide.
  3. Parthenolide undergoes " trans "-annular cyclization and elimination to form the guaianolide skeleton.
  4. Many vendors of feverfew remedies specify the content of parthenolide in their products, because it is believed to be the primary chemical constituent responsible for biological activity.
  5. DMAPT, a water-soluble derivative of parthenolide, induces oxidative stress and inhibits NF-?B signaling for AML ( leukemia ) and possibly myeloma and prostate cancer.
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  7. "' Parthenolide "'is a sesquiterpene lactone of the germacranolide class which occurs naturally in the plant feverfew ( " Tanacetum parthenium " ), after which it is named.
  8. Jordan said that in unpublished work he has identified another promising drug treatment, based on a natural plant compound called parthenolide, though he cautioned that any clinical trial of this drug would be at least a year away.
  9. In the case of feverfew ( Tanacetum parthenium ), an herb endorsed for migraine prevention by the British Medical Journal, " I could see that it regulates serotonin levels through these five parthenolide compounds, " he said.

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