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  1. Some sources believe it to be the result of extensive parthenogenic.
  2. The pup was thought to have been conceived through parthenogenic means.
  3. Reproduction is parthenogenic in the most common form.
  4. At such times mates are hard to find, and this favors parthenogenic species.
  5. Salamanders are the oldest known parthenogenic vertebrates.
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  7. Embryonic mortality in parthenogenic amphibians is high.
  8. Parthenogenic reproduction may be the rule.
  9. Polyploidy, a numerical change in the number of chromosomes, is common in parthenogenic amphibians.
  10. "Pelecinus polyturator " is parthenogenic; females do not require fertilization by males to reproduce.
  11. The species is parthenogenic  all individuals are female and lay eggs that hatch without requiring male fertilisation.
  12. This species is notable because it is parthenogenic, and there are no remaining males that have been found.
  13. The life span of a parthenogenic female is about twenty days in which time it can produce up to 85 nymphs.
  14. The species usually have both male and female individuals, but very rarely reproduction may be parthenogenic, caused by internal fertilization.
  15. "Aylacostoma " is a parthenogenic species : the population consists of only females, which increase in number by asexual reproduction.
  16. Like aphids, however, many psocids are parthenogenic, and the presence of males may even vary between different races of the same species.
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