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  1. These tiny insects are dark brown with paler bands and prominent reproduce parthenogenetically.
  2. A few ants and bees are capable of producing diploid female offspring parthenogenetically.
  3. This single set of chromosomes is duplicated in the egg, which develops parthenogenetically.
  4. Males are produced parthenogenetically, while diploid females are usually produced biparentally from fertilized eggs.
  5. Some species produce fruits parthenogenetically, such as the cultivar'Nellie R . Stevens '.
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  7. Or can chickens reproduce parthenogenetically ? talk ) 00 : 10, 7 November 2012 ( UTC)
  8. Smalltooth sawfish have recently been observed, for the first time, to reproduce parthenogenetically in the wild.
  9. The branchiopod crustacean " Daphnia magna " parthenogenetically produces male progeny in response to environmental conditions.
  10. This nymph reproduces by laying eggs for up to seven more generations ( which also can reproduce parthenogenetically ) each summer.
  11. Female weevils have the ability to reproduce parthenogenetically with fertilisation of eggs required to produce males, though no males have been observed.
  12. It is now known that at least this species, and possibly others in the genus " Theotima ", reproduce parthenogenetically.
  13. A change in photoperiod and temperature, or perhaps a lower food quantity or quality, causes females to parthenogenetically produce sexual females and males.
  14. This means that females ( workers and queens ) are always diploid, while males ( drones ) are always haploid, and produced parthenogenetically.
  15. This allows a single female to successfully colonize a host by parthenogenetically producing sons, which she can then mate with to produce more offspring.
  16. Recently, " E . decedens " has been found in Madeira Island, along with 3 morphotypes of Empoasca which reproduce parthenogenetically.
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