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  1. They have large parthenogenetic, with females producing offspring without fertilization.
  2. In warmer climates, parthenogenetic reproduction takes place throughout the year.
  3. They are very rare, because the species is substantially parthenogenetic.
  4. All the individuals are viviparous parthenogenetic females all year round.
  5. Females are parthenogenetic and lay eggs on dead grass leaves.
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  7. Some bagworm species are parthenogenetic, meaning their eggs develop without male fertilization.
  8. DNA genotyping demonstrated that individual zebra sharks can switch from sexual to parthenogenetic reproduction.
  9. Meiosis II involves the separation of sister chromatids in both sexual and parthenogenetic species.
  10. Many others classify the endomitotic variants as asexual, and consider the resulting embryos parthenogenetic.
  11. A molecular phylogeography approach to biological invasions of the New World by parthenogenetic thiarid snails.
  12. So the fact that parthenogenetic embryos cannot go to term might have no relevance, in his view.
  13. He said it was possible that by the same reasoning a parthenogenetic embryo might be deemed not human.
  14. Because multiple hybridization events can occur, individual parthenogenetic whiptail species can consist of multiple independent asexual lineages.
  15. There are at least eight parthenogenetic species of Caucasian rock lizard in the genus " hybridization event.
  16. The brahminy blindsnake is a triploid obligate parthenote and the only snake species known to be obligately parthenogenetic.
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