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  1. In warmer climates, parthenogenetic reproduction takes place throughout the year.
  2. DNA genotyping demonstrated that individual zebra sharks can switch from sexual to parthenogenetic reproduction.
  3. The mechanism by which the mixing of chromosomes from two or three species can lead to parthenogenetic reproduction is unknown.
  4. "' Bdelloidea "'( parthenogenetic reproduction and the ability to survive in dry, harsh environments by entering a state of desiccation-induced dormancy ( anhydrobiosis ) at any life stage.
  5. His interests focused on the desert parthenogenetic reproduction of many whiptail lizard species, and also discovered that the desert pupfish can tolerate temperatures up to 44 癈 ( 112 癋 ) and extremely low oxygen levels.
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  7. As she is capable of parthenogenetic reproduction, she may begin laying eggs which hatch as " clones " of herself, which will also lay eggs, causing the parasitic " A . m . capensis " workers to increase in number.

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