parthenogenetic female in a sentence

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  1. All the individuals are viviparous parthenogenetic females all year round.
  2. Surprisingly, parthenogenetic females of this species occasionally produce male offspring, which are thought to be the result of non-genetic hormonal inversions.
  3. Of particular note is the revelation that the male-typical sexual behaviors which parthenogenetic females display turn out to be under the control of the postovulatory surge of progesterone rather than androgen, which the parthenogens do not produce.
  4. In their travels he finds out there is more to the Forest people than just villagers, who are in fact a forgotten leftovers from a past way of life, now being discarded by advanced and more powerful parthenogenetic female " " comrades-in-arms " " civilization based in and around lakes, in full control of the Forest.
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