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  1. In 1990, a four level parking structure was completed along Lexington Avenue.
  2. Parking is available at the Sunset Village parking structure for $ 5.
  3. The path passes through the parking structure of the Redondo Beach pier.
  4. Some parking structures have partly collapsed, either during construction or years later.
  5. Multi-story parking structures were also built in the center of the airport.
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  7. A new parking structure for this station opened on April 22, 2010.
  8. The damaged parking structure is expected to be completed in November 1994.
  9. In January, the mall hopes to have its south parking structure rebuilt.
  10. The Parkade incorporated many new and innovative design features for a parking structure.
  11. In 2000, the mall was demolished except for the parking structure.
  12. Most of the additional space will be taken from the south parking structure.
  13. The parking structure is located across Washington Street, to the south.
  14. In 1996, a 400 car parking structure was built at the hospital campus.
  15. DTE shares use of the parking structure along with casino guests.
  16. There is also a parking structure with a helipad on top.
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