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  1. And one of them is not to park in handicap parking spaces.
  2. The parking spaces were in the mind of at least one parent.
  3. He also wants to spend $ 12 million for extra parking spaces.
  4. Parking spaces could actually be found _ sometimes _ on Main Street.
  5. He seemed to be leaving the bag in an empty parking space.
  6. It's difficult to find parking space in a sentence.
  7. Giuliani said the city had already created 110 new diplomatic parking spaces.
  8. Parking spaces are provided on the south end of the drive.
  9. Many places of business have specially designated golf cart parking spaces.
  10. It has fifteen parking spaces and information boards on the horse.
  11. Next to him is a parking space reserved for Morris Engelberg.
  12. There are 239 daily and permit parking spaces at the station.
  13. And for those who do drive, the parking spaces are priceless.
  14. First, all the parking spaces near the entrance were closed off.
  15. Or what if a driver had backed out a parking space?
  16. Access to 2232 parking spaces is off Pitman and Reed Streets.
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