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  1. All they care about is that they have their own, privileged car parking position.
  2. It also contains 4 helipads, which are on the runway and 16 helicopters'parking positions.
  3. Landing, rollout, and taxi control to the aircraft parking position is known as CAT IIIc.
  4. For medium-haul aircraft 16 parking positions are available.
  5. Essentially, the Park Zone, which looks like a miniature traffic light, guides you into the proper parking position.
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  7. Named after their parking position in the Kanteerava Stadium in Bengaluru, similar to that of Lazio s Curva Sud.
  8. Flugsteig A-Plus features eight parking positions and is able to handle four Airbus A380 or seven Boeing 747 at once.
  9. The plane returned to its parking position, the door was opened, the cat escaped and the plane set out again.
  10. Also completed were a new parallel runway with taxiways, a new tower, new aircraft parking positions, and new cargo handling facilities.
  11. The airport terminal complex includes an over passenger terminal with 47 air carrier gates and up to 78 commuter parking positions.
  12. The apron had dimensions of only 200 x 112 m and 6 parking positions with a planned capacity of 150, 000 passengers.
  13. The ceiling-mounted system, by contrast, during surgery can hardly move to a parking position at the head end without colliding with anesthesia equipment.
  14. The airport is certified to handle aircraft up to the size of the apron with 53 parking positions and total area of 449, 780 sq . m.
  15. The small size of the airport is perhaps best illustrated with the fact that a Boeing 757 " cannot " taxi past another aircraft to parking positions.
  16. Currently, the airport has seven parking positions : two for wide-body aircraft, two behind those, and three for medium-sized aircraft such as the Airbus A320 and Boeing 757.
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