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  1. This is when our emergency parking plan will kick in.
  2. Brown's traffic and parking plan finally reached completion.
  3. Nix on the downtown-parking plan.
  4. But they're waiting for ACOG to release its transportation and parking plan to help them determine location, he said.
  5. John Semcken, executive vice president of the New Coliseum group, said the structure would combine with previous parking plans to provide 17, 500 spaces.
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  7. Currently, employers may offer a commuting tax-exemption benefit totaling $ 180 for qualified parking plans or $ 100 for transit and van-pool expenses.
  8. Chadwick denied a report that the compromise parking plan required 20, 000 spaces, although the final design is expected to be much closer to the Ovitz scheme.
  9. Performing arts center representatives have had numerous discussions with the city on this matter, and the city is aware of the concerns of the performing arts center with an alternate parking plan ."
  10. Broad said he and partner Ed Roski Jr . plan to present financial and parking plans at that meeting, and are hopeful a Los Angeles owner will be chosen to meet their September deadline.
  11. In its letter dated Dec . 17, 1996, the EPA didn't oppose UF's parking plan, proposed by university officials as a way to ease vehicle congestion on campus.
  12. That apathy is what two spokesmen for the New Coliseum Partners, Ovitz's competition for ownership, said is the reason why the NFL should adopt their stadium and parking plan over Ovitz's.
  13. A U . N . committee on Thursday gave the State Department one week to resolve objectionable parts of New York City's diplomat parking plan _ or the issue goes before the 185-member General Assembly.
  14. The 1.2-million-square-foot building will be built on a site now used as the parking lot for the downtown YMCA, which is working with Enron to come up with an alternative parking plan.
  15. The man who gets the team might be the one who garners the most civic support _ a critical component for Ovitz's ambitious parking plan _ and convinces league owners he can promote their product to a younger and hipper crowd.
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