parking place in a sentence

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  1. But then Mutt would need to worry about finding a parking place.
  2. I didn't have to find a parking place or stand in line.
  3. I swung into a parking place and flung the car door open.
  4. Today, a grungy service station on the site rents out parking places.
  5. It has parking places for five large aircraft and nine smaller ones.
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  7. The lane is tarmacked up to the parking place for the vehicles.
  8. There are a further twenty-one remote parking places on the apron.
  9. The station is a popular park and ride site, with 200 parking places.
  10. But even the larger new parking places are causing some concerns.
  11. A parking place magically materialized and Billups was on his way.
  12. But it was a lot easier to slip into parking places.
  13. There are sufficient parking places, and people perceive the prices to be right,
  14. A parking place in downtown Washington and a miracle, that's all I wanted.
  15. It even set aside parking places for Israeli cars with yellow license plates.
  16. It is also illegal to park anywhere except in a designated parking place.
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