parking permit in a sentence

"parking permit" in Chinese  
  1. The mission has issued 200 bus parking permits for each night.
  2. Annual parking permits will increase from dlrs 20 to dlrs 25.
  3. Parking is available during the week for residents with parking permits.
  4. In addition, the school is issuing fewer parking permits.
  5. Monthly parking permits are available, offering a modest discount.
  6. It's difficult to find parking permit in a sentence.
  7. There is a town centre residents'parking permit scheme in operation.
  8. The parking permit and noise permit for Code Pink was also upheld.
  9. Students had to purchase these passes separately from parking permits.
  10. Toughens the requirements for obtaining a handicapped parking permit.
  11. The people who really deserve those parking permits were not at all amused.
  12. Residents can get annual parking permits for $ 40.
  13. Parking permits are available from Parking & Transportation Services.
  14. Some conditions which make a disabled parking permit necessary are invisible without medical training.
  15. "Maybe they should make us buy parking permits, " he said.
  16. How about those 14 UCLA football players busted for using illegally obtained disabled parking permits?
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