parking pawl in a sentence

  1. If the parking pawl breaks off or bends, serious transaxle damage can occur.
  2. A parking pawl prevents the transmission from rotating, and therefore the vehicle from moving.
  3. It is highly inadvisable to use the parking pawl to stop a vehicle in motion.
  4. On vehicles with automatic transmissions, this is usually used in concert with a parking pawl in the transmission.
  5. Modern parking pawls are connected to a safety mechanism that prevents the pawl from engaging unless the vehicle is stopped first.
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  7. A "'park by wire "'system engages the parking pawl of a transmission using electrical means.
  8. These systems have a defined set of gear ranges, often with a parking pawl that locks the output shaft of the transmission to keep the vehicle from rolling either forward or backward.
  9. From 1951 on, a cone clutch did the same thing when oil pressure was up, and a spring-loaded parking pawl was allowed to lock the same ring gear in the absence of oil pressure.
  10. Even though the motor may be permanently connected to the wheels through a fixed-ratio gear and no parking pawl may be present the modes " P " and " N " will still be provided on the selector.
  11. These actions would, as a result, either shear off the parking pawl or suddenly set the rear wheels turning in the reverse direction, effectively locking them up against the road surface and possibly damaging the reverse bands in the transmission.
  12. Starting in September 2008 Tesla Motors selected BorgWarner to manufacture gearboxes and began equipping all Roadsters with a single speed, fixed gear gearbox ( 8.2752 : 1 ) with an electrically actuated parking pawl mechanism and a mechanical lubrication pump.
  13. The Park position is omitted on buses / coaches ( and some road tractors ) with automatic transmission ( on which a parking pawl is not practical ), which must instead be placed in neutral with the air-operated parking brakes set.
  14. However, when on certain vehicles the shift selector can be placed " between " the detented park and reverse gear positions; i . e . in "'" false park " "'the transmission is in hydraulic neutral, without the parking pawl engaged.
  15. The main components of a park by wire system include the driver interface which could be a lever, switch or knob as designed by the OEM ( input ), an electronic control unit to host the control system and actuators ( one or two motors ) which are capable of driving the parking pawl into and out of the locking position with the parking gear of the transmission.
  16. The transmission would have four forward speeds ( 3.82 : 1, 2.63 : 1, 1.45 : 1, and 1.00 : 1 ) plus reverse, with all acceleration provided by gearing; its fluid coupling did not multiply the engine output as a torque converter does . ( In this way, it was less sophisticated than the 1924 Vulcan ( Vulcan-Werke Hamburg und Stettin ) prototype, which had a torque converter . ) It incorporated a parking pawl which was engaged when the shift selector was placed in reverse with the engine off.

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