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  1. Paraffin embedding apparatus
  2. Leica microsystems nussloch is a company operating within many ranges and offers paraffin embedding device , single - deck machines as well as microtomes
  3. Get 4 right anterolateral femoral flaps and 4 left scapular flaps which were dyed obviously after 3 days , dehydrate by graded ethanol , vitrification and paraffin embeded , horizontally and vertically sliced continuously , thickness is 15 , 20 and loojtim respectively , he dyed , observed under microscope . results : ( 1 ) direct cutaneous artery or musculo - cutaneous artery , in the procedure of common integument tissue being shallowed up step by step , continuously sending out branches to deep fascia layer , superficial fascia layer , hypodermis layer , hypopapilla layer and papilla layer to form the five - grade cutaneous microcirculation " blood vessel tree " of the skin blood vessel network that can be identified
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