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  1. The "'Cape lion "'is possibly an extinct subspecies of lion, with the Panthera leo leo ".
  2. 150px The "'Barbary Lion "', Atlas lion or Nubian lion ( " Panthera leo leo " ) is a subspecies of lion that has become extinct in the wild.
  3. Some of the specimens include rare and nearly extinct species, including siamang gibbons, red panda, Amur leopard, snow leopard, and the Berber lion " Panthera leo leo ", now extinct in the wild.
  4. Interior brown bears are generally smaller than is often perceived, being around the same weight as an average African lion ( " Panthera leo leo " ) at an estimate average of in males and in females, whereas adults of the coastal races weigh about twice as much.
  5. According to Hershkovitz ( 1966 ), genetic material between Eastern ( " Panthera leo azandica " and " Panthera leo massaica " ) and Southern African lions was quite similar, As for Central-West African lions, they appeared to be more closely related to Senegal, Barbary and Asiatic subspecies would be reclassified as " Panthera leo leo ", and lions from Eastern and Southern Africa would be reclassified as " Panthera leo melanochaita ", but some taxonomic questions are not yet solved.
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