panthera leo krugeri in a sentence

  1. The Latin name of " Panthera leo krugeri " is not limited to white lions.
  2. Kalahari lions may be either " Panthera leo krugeri " or " Panthera leo bleyenberghi ".
  3. The circuit concludes with the white lions ( " Panthera leo krugeri " )-a rarity in zoos-from the Transvaal, followed by the black panthers ( " Panthera pardus " ) and finally the lion ( " Panthera leo " ).
  4. The "'Transvaal lion "'( " Panthera leo krugeri " ), also known as the "'Southeast African lion "', is a subspecies of the lion that reportedly lives in Southern Africa, including Kruger National Park and Hlane Royal National Park.
  5. The "'Kalahari lion "'was considered to be a lion subspecies native to the Kalahari Region in Southwest Africa, with the taxonomic name " " Panthera leo vernayi " . " However, a map of subspecies of lions, provided by Haas et al . ( 2005 ), suggests that lions in the Kalahari Region are of two subspecies : " Panthera leo krugeri " and " Panthera leo bleyenberghi ".
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