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  1. Admission to Palatine Hill, entrance from the Roman Forum, is $ 5.60.
  2. Romulus preferred the Palatine Hill, above the Lupercal; Remus preferred the Aventine Hill.
  3. His bones were transferred to San Salvatore on the Palatine Hill.
  4. A temple to Orcus may have existed on the Palatine Hill in Rome.
  5. The Colosseum keeps the same hours as the Palatine Hill sites.
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  7. Romulus wanted to build on Palatine Hill for its significance to their childhood.
  8. Although Pope John VII ( 705-07 ) built an Episcopium upon the Palatine Hill.
  9. Square chambers in his palace on the Palatine Hill used pendentives to support domes.
  10. Admission to Palatine Hill, entrance from the Roman Forum, is $ 5 . 60.
  11. He was the caretaker for Amulius'holdings around Palatine hill.
  12. Cassius Dio owned a house on the Palatine Hill called the " Domus Dionis ".
  13. Ponte Palatino takes its name from the Palatine Hill, at whose slopes the structure rises.
  14. At Palatine Hill, Walter is captivated by the sculpture, " Head of a Sleeping Girl ".
  15. She lived on the Palatine Hill in Rome.
  16. The location, between the Palatine Hill and the Caelian Hill, spanned the ancient route of Septimius Severus.
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