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  1. Among the tips are one for creating a snack fantasy pack.
  2. Pack away the children and anyone who is ego-sensitive.
  3. But can a message from the pulpit pack such an impact?
  4. Now they are back in the pack at 2-2.
  5. Bottom line : Blazer zooms to near the head of the pack
  6. It's difficult to find pack in a sentence.
  7. Instead, they declared themselves just a member of the pack.
  8. The journalistic pack is running in close formation this election season.
  9. Two six-packs of two different microbrewery beers each month.
  10. That creates a solid pack, like a block of ice.
  11. It was one of three holdovers that led the holiday pack.
  12. A pack of woofers tackle " Santa Claws,"
  13. After seven years, he decided to pack the garlic himself.
  14. Dent readjusted the thick ice pack on his injured right knee.
  15. Usually, these other breeders leave to form their own packs.
  16. The smell was attributed to one of the battery packs overheating.
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