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  1. The song thus apparently connects the suffragist and pacificist movements.
  2. "I don't believe in its pacificist character,"
  3. Historically, the majority of peace activists have been pacificists rather than strict pacifists.
  4. The League sought to challenge pacificist Parliamentary candidates which caused a rupture with the Labour Party.
  5. The Frankean Synod was noted for its socially progressive views : it was strongly pro-temperance, and pacificist.
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  7. A pacificist and an ardent defender of animal rights, Monod was also a vegetarian who never touched alcohol or tobacco.
  8. The largest national peace association in history, the British League of Nations Union, was pacificist rather than pacifist in orientation.
  9. During World War II, Lasserre confronted his pacificist convictions and hid for the R閟istance two radio receivers from London in preparation for sabotaging ammunition transports.
  10. In August 1993, S鰈lner announced that he was abandoning the Roman Catholic faith and converting to the Rastafari movement; he further declared himself a vegetarian and a pacificist.
  11. The document also referred vaguely to issues of peace, saying Catholics should not confuse the Church's promotion of peace and rejection of violence with " secular " pacificist and ideological visions.
  12. Eric Gutkind belonged to a pacificist-mystical circle of European intellectuals which at different points included Walter Benjamin, Martin Buber, L . E . J . Brouwer, Henri Borel, Frederik van Eeden, Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Oppenheimer, Walter Rathenau, Romain Rolland, Upton Sinclair and Rabindranath Tagore.
  13. The vote, scheduled for Friday, is a gambit to force pacificist members of the Greens to back what would be Germany's largest foray outside Europe since World War II . Eight have indicated they would vote against the planned deployment of 3, 900 troops to the U . S .-led campaign.
  14. Likewise the French Socialist Party and its union, the CGT, especially after the assassination of the pacificist Jean Jaur鑣, organised mass rallies and protests until the outbreak of war, but once the war began they argued that in wartime socialists should support their nations against the aggression of other nations and also voted for war credits.
  15. Although he considered himself a pacificist, he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and was assigned to the Royal Air Force in England, serving as a navigator ( Pilot Officer ) on Halifax bombers flying nighttime missions over Germany during World War II . On his return home, he continued his studies at Dalhousie University before receiving a fellowship to pursue advanced studies at Union Theological Seminary in New York City.
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