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  1. Lee preached pacificism, equality of the sexes and strict celibacy.
  2. But across the country, voices of pacificism and restraint are growing stronger.
  3. At the forum, Cheney was asked whether Japan was moving away from pacificism.
  4. He converted to pacificism while in prison.
  5. Sects that have emphasized pacificism as a central tenet of faith have resulted from the latter thought.
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  7. The liberal left has forgotten the grammar of pacificism : not absolute rejection of violence but liberal noninterventionism.
  8. Some of the latter have formed sects that have emphasized pacificism as a central tenet of their faith.
  9. In Germany, where pacificism runs deep, many were angered by Albright's visit to the continent.
  10. Two centuries after his death, American conservatives can claim George Washington, mostly because liberals are still stuck in 1960s pacificism.
  11. Rustin had helped to spread pacificism and non-violence to leaders of the civil rights movement, like Martin Luther King.
  12. In 1816 he became a founding member of the Peace Society, a political development from his long-standing Quaker pacificism.
  13. Pacificism states that war can only ever be considered as a firm " last resort ", condemning both aggression and militarism.
  14. When he learned the truth, she thought he would be furious, but despite his declared pacificism, he was supportive and helpful.
  15. A medieval feminist whose life had a Christ-like parallel ( sans the pacificism ), hers is a story that still resonates.
  16. He described this as " proactive pacificism ", with the goal of making Japan a more " normal " country, able to defend itself.
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