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  1. They are believed to have plotted a bombing targeting Pacifici.
  2. So did Riccardo Pacifici, a spokesman for the Jewish community in Rome.
  3. He was the grandfather of the past Rome Jewish Community President Riccardo Pacifici.
  4. Riccardo Pacifici told the AGI news agency.
  5. Rabbi Riccardo Pacifici was the spiritual advisor to the Jewish inmates from 1942 to 1943.
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  7. Riccardo Pacifici, a spokesman for the Rome Jewish Community, said in an interview Thursday.
  8. A community leader, Riccardo Pacifici announced that Tuesday night the synogogue would hold a prayer vigil.
  9. Riccardo Pacifici, a spokesman for the Rome Jewish Community, said in a phone interview Thursday.
  10. "There's no thirst for revenge, no hate, " insisted Pacifici.
  11. The arms were frequently shown with James's personal motto, " Beati pacifici ".
  12. The leader of Rome's Jewish community, Riccardo Pacifici, praised the mayor for this project.
  13. The " Largo Riccardo Pacifici " square in the heart of Genoa was named after him in 1966.
  14. "' Maria Cristina Pacifici "'( born 5 August 1945 ) is a retired Italian freestyle swimmer.
  15. For example, James I's depicted " Beati Pacifici ", Latin for " Blessed are the peacemakers ".
  16. The church became a parish church under Pope Pius XI on 31 October 1926 with the apostolic constitution " Regis pacifici ".
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