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  1. Historian Paul Dalton states that the cult of William was predominantly " protective and pacificatory " in character, having similarities to that of another child saint, Lynn.
  2. The " School Day of Non-violence and Peace " is a non-governmental, international and pioneering initiative of Pacificatory Education in which educational centres of all standards and of all the countries are invited to participate.
  3. It was maintained through hell and high water in very difficult circumstances, and it is considered the most important pioneering experience of Pacificatory Education of our time, as well as a dynamic nocleus of its promotion at a national and international level ".
  4. The other hippopotamus goddesses have names that bear very specific meanings, much like Taweret ( whose name is formed as a pacificatory address intended to calm the ferocity of the goddess ) : Ipet's name ( " the Nurse " ) demonstrates her connection to birth, child rearing, and general caretaking, and Reret's name ( " the Sow " ) is derived from the Egyptians'classification of hippopotami as water pigs.
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